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Perks of WeOxide Services?

By having your community website with us you will in 1 package included the following :

Hosting + subdomain name under : yourcommunity.weoxiders.net

PremiumDNS + Anti DDOS protection , 100% uptime 

Website optimization and support , regular updates.

Social Login options (Discord/Steam/Facebook + many others)

SEO ¬ Search Engine Optimization , whenever someone googles your community name , website will be on the list! 

Webshop under your full control 

Access to editing the design of the website 

Forum at your disrection with full control 

Unique discord invite links ex : https://yourcommunity.weoxiders.net/discord or https://weoxiders.net/yourcommunity 

Discord webhooks for webshop sales/product changes that will notify you via discord (upon request)

All for only 5 euros a month!